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Centrifugo PRO ♻️

Centrifugo PRO is the enhanced version of Centrifugo offered by Centrifugal Labs LTD under a commercial license. It's packed with a unique set of features designed to fit requirements of corporate and enterprise environments, decrease costs at scale, and benefit from additional features such as push notifications support, real-time analytics, and so on. We have leveraged our extensive experience to build Centrifugo PRO, ensuring its extra powers are practical and ready for production workloads.


Centrifugo PRO is packed with the following features:

Also, explore our Centrifugo PRO planned features board for a concise overview of upcoming features which are currently in progress and enhancements planned for a future.


Centrifugo PRO requires a license key to run. The pricing information for the license key is available upon request over [email protected] e-mail. Our services are exclusively available to corporate and business clients at this time. We would be happy to learn more about your real-time challenges and how Centrifugo can help you address them. Don't hesitate to ask for an online meeting to discuss the use case in-person.

Try for free in sandbox mode

You can try out Centrifugo PRO for free. When you start Centrifugo PRO without license key then it's running in a sandbox mode. Sandbox mode limits the usage of Centrifigo PRO in several ways. For example:

  • Centrifugo handles up to 20 concurrent connections
  • up to 2 server nodes supported
  • up to 5 API requests per second allowed

This mode should be enough for development and trying out PRO features, but must not be used in production environment.

Centrifugo PRO license agreement

Centrifugo PRO is distributed by Centrifugal Labs LTD under commercial license which is different from OSS version. By downloading Centrifugo PRO you automatically accept commercial license terms.