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Install and run PRO version


Centrifugo PRO is distributed under commercial license which is different from OSS version. By downloading Centrifugo PRO you automatically accept license terms.

Binary release#

Centrifugo PRO binary releases available on Github. Note that we use a separate repo for PRO releases. Download latest release for your operating system, unpack it and run (see how to set license key below).

Docker image#

Centrifugo PRO uses a different image from OSS version โ€“ centrifugo/centrifugo-pro:

docker run --ulimit nofile=65536:65536 -v /host/dir/with/config/file:/centrifugo -p 8000:8000 centrifugo/centrifugo-pro:v3.0.5-beta.1 centrifugo -c config.json


You can use our official Helm chart but make sure you changed Docker image to use PRO version and point to the correct image tag:

...image:  registry:  repository: centrifugo/centrifugo-pro  tag: v3.0.5-beta.1

Debian and Ubuntu#

DEB package available in release assets.

wget dpkg -i centrifugo-pro_3.0.5-beta.1_amd64.deb


RPM package available in release assets.

wget yum install centrifugo-pro-3.0.5-beta.1.x86_64.rpm

Setting PRO license key#

Centrifugo PRO inherits all features and configuration options from open-source version. The only difference is that it expects a valid license key on start to avoid sandbox mode limits.

Once you have installed a PRO version and have a license key you can set it in configuration over license field, or pass over environment variables as CENTRIFUGO_LICENSE. Like this:

{    ...    "license": "<YOUR_LICENSE_KEY>"}

If license properly set then on Centrifugo PRO start you should see license information in logs: owner, license type and expiration date. All PRO features should be unlocked at this point. Warning about sandbox mode in logs on server start must disappear.