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Server observability

To provide a better server observability Centrifugo supports reporting metrics in Prometheus format and can automatically export metrics to Graphite.


Prometheus metrics

To enable Prometheus endpoint start Centrifugo with prometheus option on:

"prometheus": true

This will enable /metrics endpoint so the Centrifugo instance can be monitored by your Prometheus server.

Graphite metrics

To enable automatic export to Graphite (via TCP):

"graphite": true,
"graphite_host": "localhost",
"graphite_port": 2003

By default, stats will be aggregated over 10 seconds intervals inside Centrifugo and then pushed to Graphite over TCP connection.

If you need to change this aggregation interval use the graphite_interval option (in seconds, default 10).

Grafana dashboard

Check out Centrifugo official Grafana dashboard for Prometheus storage. You can import that dashboard to your Grafana, point to Prometheus storage – and enjoy visualized metrics.



At this point Centrifugo can export traces for HTTP and GRPC server API requests in OpenTelemetry format.

To enable:

"opentelemetry": true,
"opentelemetry_api": true

OpenTelemetry must be explicitly turned on to avoid tracing overhead when it's not needed.

To configure OpenTelemetry export behaviour we are relying on OpenTelemetry environment vars supporting only HTTP export endpoints for now.

So a simple example to run Centrifugo with server API tracing would be running Jaeger with COLLECTOR_OTLP_ENABLED:

docker run --rm -it --name jaeger \
-p 16686:16686 \
-p 4318:4318 \

Then start Centrifugo:


Send some API requests - and open http://localhost:16686 to see traces in Jaeger UI.

By default, Centrifugo exports traces in http/protobuf format. If you want to use GRPC exporter then it's possible to turn it on by setting environment variable OTEL_EXPORTER_OTLP_PROTOCOL to grpc (GRPC exporter format supported since Centrifugo v5.0.3).


Logging may be configured using log_level option. It may have the following values:

  • none
  • trace
  • debug
  • info (default)
  • warn
  • error

We generally do not recommend anything below info to be used in production.

By default Centrifugo logs to STDOUT. Usually this is what you need when running servers on modern infrastructures. Logging into file may be configured using log_file option.