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Client real-time SDKs

In the previous chapter we investigated common principles of Centrifugo client SDK API. Here we will provide a list of available bidirectional connectors you can use to communicate with Centrifugo.

No need in clients for unidirectional approach

Client libraries listed here speak Centrifugo bidirectional protocol (WebSocket). If you aim to use unidirectional approach you don't need client connectors – just use standard APIs. See the difference here.

List of client SDKs

See a description of client protocol if you want to write a custom bidirectional connector or eager to learn how Centrifugo protocol internals are structured.

SDK feature matrix

Below you can find an information regarding support of different features in our official client SDKs

Client featurejsdartswiftgojava
connect to a server
setting client options
automatic reconnect with backoff algorithm
client state changes
command timeouts
async pushes
connection token refresh
handle disconnect advice from server
server-side subscriptions
batching API
bidirectional WebSocket emulation
Client featurejsdartswiftgojava
subscrbe to a channel
setting subscription options
automatic resubscribe with backoff algorithm
subscription state changes
subscription command-reply
subscription async pushes
subscription token refresh
handle unsubscribe advice from server
manage subscription registry
optimistic subscriptions