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Migrating to v5

Centrifugo v5 migration from v4 should be smooth for most of the use cases.

Client SDK token behaviour adjustments

In Centrifugo v5 client SDK spec was adjusted in regards how SDKs work with tokens.

Returning an empty string from getToken function (for Javascript, and the same for analogous functions in other SDKs) is a valid scenario which won't result into disconnect on the client side. It's still possible to disconnect client by returning a special error from getToken function. We updated all our SDKs to inherit this behaviour. Specifically, here is a list of SDK versions which work according to adjusted spec:

  • centrifuge-js >= v4.0.0
  • centrifuge-go >= v0.10.0
  • centrifuge-dart >= v0.10.0
  • centrifuge-swift >= v0.6.0
  • centrifuge-java >= v0.3.0

Nothing prevents you from updating Centrifugo v4 to v5 first and then migrate to new client versions or doing vice versa. This change is client-side only. But we bind it to major server release to make it more notable – as it changes the core SDK behavior.

Node communication format changed

Avoid running Centrifugo v5 in the same cluster with Centrifugo v4 nodes – v4 and v5 have backwards incompatible node communication protocols.


Prefer using new HTTP API format instead of old one where possible. The old format still works and enabled by default. But we are planning to migrate our API libraries to the new format eventually – and then remove the old format. If you are using one of our HTTP API libs - at some point a new version will be released which will seamlessly migrate you to the modern HTTP API format.

If you are using hand-written requests – then some refactoring is required. It should be rather straighforward:

Don't forget that you can now generate HTTP clients from OpenAPI spec we now maintain for the new HTTP API format.

Other changes

  • skip_user_check_in_subscription_token removed
  • reconnect flag removed from disconnect API call and proxy structures for custom disconnection
  • use_client_protocol_v1_by_default option removed
  • disable_client_protocol_v1 option removed
  • redis_tls_skip_verify option removed
  • presence_ttl renamed to global_presence_ttl
  • sockjs_heartbeat_delay option removed
  • uni_websocket_ping_interval option removed
  • websocket_ping_interval option removed

Shutting down Centrifugo v2 doc site

With Centrifugo v5 release we are shutting down Centrifugo v2 documentation site - this means won't be available anymore. Documents may still be found on Github. Documentation for v3, v4 and v5 is hosted here.