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Centrifugo supports reporting metrics in Prometheus format and can automatically export metrics to Graphite.


To enable Prometheus endpoint start Centrifugo with prometheus option on:

{    ...    "prometheus": true}

This will enable /metrics endpoint so the Centrifugo instance can be monitored by your Prometheus server.


To enable automatic export to Graphite (via TCP):

{    ...    "graphite": true,    "graphite_host": "localhost",    "graphite_port": 2003}

By default, stats will be aggregated over 10 seconds intervals inside Centrifugo and then pushed to Graphite over TCP connection.

If you need to change this aggregation interval use the graphite_interval option (in seconds, default 10).

Grafana dashboard#

Check out Centrifugo official Grafana dashboard for Prometheus storage. You can import that dashboard to your Grafana, point to Prometheus storage โ€“ and enjoy visualized metrics.