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Centrifugo integration with NodeJS tutorial

ยท 7 min read
Alexander Emelin
Creator of Centrifugo


Centrifugo is a scalable real-time messaging server in a language-agnostic way. In this tutorial we will integrate Centrifugo with NodeJS backend using a connect proxy feature of Centrifugo for user authentication and native session middleware of ExpressJS framework.

Why would NodeJS developers want to integrate a project with Centrifugo? This is a good question especially since there are lots of various tools for real-time messaging available in NodeJS ecosystem.

Centrifugo v3 released

ยท 15 min read
Centrifugal team
Let the Centrifugal force be with you


After almost three years of Centrifugo v2 life cycle we are happy to announce the next major release of Centrifugo. During the last several months deep in our Centrifugal laboratory we had been synthesizing an improved version of the server.

New Centrifugo v3 is targeting to improve Centrifugo adoption for basic real-time application cases, improves server performance and extends existing features with new functionality. It comes with unidirectional real-time transports, protocol speedups, super-fast engine implementation based on Tarantool, new documentation site, GRPC proxy, API extensions and PRO version which provides unique possibilities for business adopters.